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Kub Car Rally

06/24/2017 2017
Hudson Community Centre, 394 Rue Main, Hudson, QC J0P 1H0
Stephane Houge
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This Event is postponed to a later date.


Scouts Canada — Quebec Council


Kub Kar Rally 2017

Start Your Engines!

As part of Canada’s 150th birthday and the 100th year of the founding of Cub Scouts in Canada, come and celebrate in Cub style with Kub Kars and cake!

When: Saturday June 24, 2017

Where: Hudson Community Centre, 394 Rue Main, Hudson, QC J0P 1H0

Registration deadline: June 16, 2017.


The rally is open to Cubs registered with Scouts Canada, les Scouts du Canada and to Boy Scouts of America.

The registration fee is $10.00 for Cubs (lunch included). Leaders are free. See below for registration details.



TRACK SETUP: 9:00 am, REGISTRATION: 9:30 am, EVENT ENDS: 3:00 pm

Qualifications and finals take place the same day. The preliminary round starts in the morning, with the finals after a short lunch break. We ask that some leaders from each group stay to help with cleanup, so we can be out by 3 o'clock.


Race Rules

Cubs and leaders must wear their uniforms.

Build Rules

Cubs are expected to build their own cars from official Kub Kar kits, available at the Scout Shop. Some adult help is expected, but make sure the Cubs do their own work and understand how to make the best car they can. Don't use extra or modified parts. This rally is about Cubs having fun!

For tips on how to build winning cars, there is much material on-line; search for "pinewood derby". A word of caution: There are many on-line shops that sell high performance derby parts, and even completed cars. We don't allow any of that, and our judges will spot it and disqualify the car.

Use the block of wood from the kit. It is already at the maximum length of 7 inches, and the correct width. Shape and paint the car as you like, and add weight to the car to bring it up to 142 grams if desired (but keep the ground clearance in mind if adding weight to the bottom). Cars generally work best when the point of balance is about 3 cm in front of the rear axle -- too far back, and the car will hop off the track and be disqualified.

Use four of the wheels from the kit, and don't shave, cone, or modify them in any way. Use the nails in the kit as axles, and Cubs should definitely modify these. Remove any burrs, and polish with fine wet/dry sandpaper. An electric drill is useful for this. Lubricate with dry graphite. (Graphite will be provided at the rally as well.) Pro tip: the car requires 4 wheels, but they don't all have to touch the track -- riding on 3 wheels can be faster! The axles should be straight (but don't have to be) and the rules don't require that the pre-cut slots be used. Sometimes, a longer wheelbase can be better. Clearance between the wheels and body of the car should be about the width of a credit card for good results.

Official Rules

All Kars must pass the following inspection to qualify for the race:

1.      Overall width, including wheels, shall not exceed 7 cm (2¾ inches).

2.      Length shall not exceed 17.8 cm (7 inches).

3.      Weight shall not exceed 142 g.

4.      The minimum distance between the wheels on opposite sides of the kar is 1¾ inches (4.5 cm).

5.      Clearance between the chassis and the track should be 0.95 cm (3/8ths of an inch).

6.      Axles, wheels, and body shall be from the materials provided in the kit.

7.      The Kar must have 4 wheels.

8.      Wheel bearings, washers, aluminum tape, or bushings are not permitted.

9.      Shaving, coning, or modifying wheels in any way is not permitted.

10.  The Kar shall not ride on any kind of spring.

11.  The Kar must be free-wheeling, with no starting devices.

12.  No loose materials of any kind are allowed in the Kar.

13.  No lubricating oil may be used. Axles may, however, be lubricated with powdered graphite lightly by a parent/leader BEFORE RACING BEGINS at the designated graphite station. Once racing begins, further application of graphite is prohibited.

14.  Once the Kar has been registered and weighed, no modifications will be allowed except to fix Kars that need repairs.

15.  Only the Cub Kar owner can race the Kar.

16.  The judge’s decision is final


Cubs will be able to judge their peer’s Kub Kars, and various awards will be given. For example:

·         Coolest car

·         Fastest looking car

·         Best Scout theme

Registration details for Scouters


Complete the separate Registration form. Save and email the completed form to, and also bring a hardcopy and cheque payable to "Scouts Canada – Quebec Council" to the event. Having the Cubs' names early will help us prepare prior to the rally. Also email to let us know if your group can provide a track for the preliminaries.

Ratio & Screening of Adults: Each Pack is responsible to ensure they meet the Scouts Canada rules around ratio and screening of adults.  If you are not able to meet these requirements and your Pack may not be able to attend because of it, please contact us at We may be able to put you in touch with another Pack to share scouters and adults in order that both Packs meet ratio and screening requirements.

Emergency Plan: The Leadership team of each Pack is required to be aware of and familiar with the Emergency Plan for any Area event.  The Emergency plan for this event will be sent to the contact person listed on your registration form - he or she is to ensure all scouters and parent helpers have a copy of it and have read it.  Each Pack should have a copy of the emergency plan (or access to it on their mobile device) on the day of the event.

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