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Moving the Council Office

As you have hopefully heard by now, the Council Office will be moving to Ottawa at the end of August, and the Scout Shop permanently closed on June 21st. To try and answer the different questions you might have, we have set up a Q&A. This site will be updated regularly as more details are established about how our operations will continue with as few interruptions to service as possible with this move. One point that we wish to emphasize however is that this move of Office does not mean that Quebec Council is closing, nor that we will no longer have support staff available to help our Scouters in Quebec. Quebec Council will continue to operate and individually manage its operations, and we will now have a larger team of staff to support Scouting, including a local Area Support Manager.


Questions and Answers about the Quebec Council Office

(Updated September 10th, 2014)


Q: Why is the Council moving the Dorval office? 

A: The Quebec service centre has faced challenges for several years now.  Moving the service centre and sharing resources with 2 other Councils will enable our Council to allocate greater resources to program and volunteer support while benefitting from centralized administration support.


Q: Is Scouting in trouble financially?

A:  The organization is strong and we feel that by eliminating duplication of services and focusing our resources on programs and volunteer support, we will become even stronger – not only in Quebec Council, but in all Councils across Canada. We need to be fiscally responsible to all of our members.


Q: What is happening with Quebec Council office staff?

A:  Unfortunately, some employees will be leaving Scouts Canada, but they will be treated fairly and with support.


Q:  Has Scouts Canada given up on Scouting in Quebec?

A:  Not at all.  If anything, this move is being made to make Quebec Council stronger, and to concentrate our resources on Scouting programs and Scouter support.  Over the years, many other Councils across Canada have found that by sharing administrative services, their support team is better able to focus on exactly that – volunteer support.  The model that we are adopting has been proven throughout Ontario and British Columbia, and those Councils have seen their Scouting programs become stronger as a result. 


Q: Are Voyageur and Northern Ontario Councils taking over Quebec Council?

A: No – this decision has been reached to support the partnership of these three Councils and to make sure that all three Councils get the best support possible. Quebec will continue to be its own Council.


Q: How much more will we have to pay for service and support to Quebec Council?

A: The cost will not change, nor will the level of service.  


Q: If operating expenses are being reduced, will registration fees decrease?

A: Not at this time. For several years, Council operations received contributions from the Quebec Incorporate Body (“INC”), but this ended two years ago. As a result, Quebec Council incurred a deficit for the 2012-2013 year, and is attempting to avoid another deficit this year. Furthermore, Centraide funding to Quebec Council has been reduced by 30% for this year, and our grant from Centraide ends March 31st, 2015. This funding has traditionally helped pay the salaries of our Area Support Manager (Alain Boulet) and Community Development Worker (Kristen Whitelaw), as well as helping finance Project Loon and other opportunities for underprivileged youth to participate in Scouting. With the end of this funding in the next 9 months, we are not in a position to be able to reduce registration fees at this time, but it does remain an item we wish to work towards. Eliminating a deficit without increasing registration fees brings us closer to this goal.


Q:  Is Scouts Canada moving away from providing services in French?

A: Not at all.  Quebec Council members will continue to be served in French and in English by the Council and Area Support Teams, and the National Service Centre remains committed to providing fully bilingual communications.


Q:  What will happen to the Tamaracouta Scout Reserve?

A: TSR remains a Quebec Council property, managed by Quebec Council. While the camp continues to face its own financial challenges, particularly surrounding infrastructure maintenance, it is still a Quebec Council camp.


Q:  Who will I call to help me with registration and/or myscouts?

A: The Dorval office will remain open until August 22nd, 2014, at which point packing and moving will take place. After that time, the level of service expected from Scouts Canada will continue to be offered, but out of our office in Ottawa instead of Dorval.


Q:  Where will promotional materials be stored? Where will I pay to register for Woodbadge Courses? Where will I mail my registration papers?

A: We are in the process of looking at these and a number of other questions that relate to this move. Please check back this Q&A regularly, as answers will be posted here as they are resolved. We admit to not yet having all the answers, and welcome any suggestions you have to address these and the many other related considerations.


Q: Why did the Scout Shop close?

A: All Scout Shops are run by National Retail Services, and the trend across Canada has been towards online ordering. Our Dorval Scout Shop has run a deficit for several years due to declines in membership.


Q:  Where will we get our Scouting materials – where will we shop?

A:  We are exploring a number of options that we wish implement for the new Scouting year to ensure that our Quebec Council members continue to enjoy easy access to the Scouting resources, clothing and outdoor equipment they need. There is also the popular online store: that maintains a full inventory of the products you have previously found in the Dorval Scout Shop plus many outdoor products that the Dorval shop could not accommodate. Items that are in stock are delivered to your door within 24 – 48 hours, depending upon the shipping service selected.


Q:  How will people be able to know the proper size clothing to wear?

A:  We are looking at different suggestions about having samples available to try on, to help members and their parents properly determine the right size uniform to order.


Q:  Online shipping is great, but do we have to pay the shipping costs?

A:  A competitive shipping price is included with online orders, with fees that change with the size of the order. Try to order badges in batches to save, and where possible, consider sharing an order with your local Beaver Colony, Cub Pack, Scout Troop, or even other Groups.


Q:  My Scoutbucks expire December 31st, 2014 but the store is closed as of June 21st. What am I supposed to do with my Scoutbucks?!?

A:  Scoutbucks will be accepted at the Ottawa Scout Shop, located at 1345 Baseline Road, Ottawa, ON. While Scoutbucks cannot be used for online orders, they are also accepted for use at TSR and can be used against registration fees.


Q:  Without a walk-in store, will Scoutbucks continue to be issued with the Popcorn fundraiser?

A:  We are currently exploring other options of compensation to include with the Popcorn fundraiser to replace Scoutbucks.


Q:  Will there still be any Scouts Canada staff in Quebec?

A:  Alain Boulet has chosen to not renew his contract for the 2014-2015 Scouting year, and Kristen Whitelaw has also decided to end her contract as of August 31st, 2014. To ensure that a field support staff remains in Quebec Council however, Mary-Pauline Vatsis was recently hired for a new contract as the Council’s Area Support Manager (ASM). Mary-Pauline, who has been a volunteer and employee with Scouts Canada for many years, will be providing direct support to Areas and Groups across the Council, and can be reached at or 1-438-863-3963.


Q:  Where can I meet with Mary-Pauline? When is she available to help our Section/Group/Area?

A:  Mary-Pauline will be working from home but is available to come meet Scouters and Scouts during the day or in the evenings for meetings. Please arrange a time when you and Mary-Pauline are both available by contacting her directly at or 1-438-863-3963 (please note that this telephone area code is associated with the Montreal region).


Q:  Who will answer questions about registrations?

A:  Ladka Stodola is our new Council Registrar, who works out of our Ottawa Services Centre and is available to provide support for all registration issues. Ladka, and the Ottawa Services Centre can be reached by phone toll-free at 1-888-726-8876, or Ladka can be reached directly at


Q:  Who can answer my technical questions about myscouts?

A:  Depending on the nature of your question, Ladka or Mary-Pauline may be able to assist, though the best approach is to contact the myscouts helpdesk at 1-888-855-3336, so that this specific issue is recorded. The data from the helpdesk allows Scouts Canada to track different issues in order to provide improved service.


Q:  How are registrations supposed to be submitted?

A:  An extensive description of the registration process was circulated earlier this summer, and is available at the following link:


Q:  Where do I mail or send other documents for Quebec Council, such as Tour Permits or Police Record Check forms?

A:  All documents that would have been sent to the Dorval office in the past, including completed PRC forms, should now be sent to our Ottawa Services Centre. The mailing address for this office is 1345 Baseline Road, Suite 200, Ottawa, ON K2C 0A7 and the best email address to send this information to is Pamela Bazinet at


Q:  Where will Scouts Canada training and promotional material be stored? How can I borrow a popcorn machine, tent or other materials?

A:  Effective immediately, the Council is renting a storage space in Dorval (near Highway 40 and Blvd des Sources) where certain promotional materials will be stored. Booking of these materials and access to this storage space will be managed by Bob May who can be reached at 514-631-1847 or . Mary-Pauline, the new Area Support Manager for Quebec Council, will also have a variety of promotional material with her personal supplies.


Q:  Where will we be able to pick Scout Popcorn up?

A:  General pickup on Saturday, November 22nd will continue to take place at 205 Avro, Pointe-Claire thanks to the generosity of Transport Transtar.


Q:  Does the email address still work?

A:  For the time-being, Mary-Pauline will monitor this email address, though we are currently looking at a more efficient emailing system to use to share important information with our members.


Q:  When ordering from the Scout Shop online, how are parents supposed to know correct sizes for their uniform orders?

A:  Starting at the beginning of September, “sizing sample kits” will be available at select locations across Quebec Council, where specific Groups can book to have a sample kit to try for a given day. To book one of these kits, please contact your Area Commissioner or Mary-Pauline Vatsis.

Tamaracouta Scout Reserve


Summer Promotional Video 2015- Tamaracouta Scout Reserve

Voici la vidéo promotionnel pour la programme d'été (2015) du Réserve scoute Tamaracouta Scout Reserve! S'il vous plait, partagez-la avec tout le monde que vous connaissez! Nous espérons que vous l'apprécierez, merci pour le support!Here is Tamaracouta Scout Reserves official promotional video for their Summer program! Share it with everyone you know! We hope you enjoy it and we appreciate the support!

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