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TSR Committee deadline extended

Tamaracouta Scout Reserve (TSR) has been long regarded as our “jewel” for outstanding, memorable camping experiences by all members of Quebec Council as well as by many campers outside of Quebec.  An important element for the future of TSR has been the recent appointment of Casey Rose as the new TSR Director who will replace Alison Bentley when she retires from this role at the beginning of November 2014.


During the past decade, ongoing work has improved TSR through program and infrastructure developments at both Camp Tamaracouta (CT) and Camp Jackson Dodds (CJD). To further promote this on-going development of TSR, the TSR Committee will be formed during the coming months which will provide support to the TSR Director and will be responsible for all aspects of the management of the property.  The Committee will be accountable directly to the Quebec Council Commissioner, Youth Commissioner, and Executive Director.


Below are descriptions of the different volunteer roles that are currently planned for the TSR Committee.   If you have any questions, or are interested in applying for one or more of these roles, please contact Casey Rose (


Those interested in applying must submit a short note detailing why he or she would be a good candidate for a position on this Committee as well as a brief CV by Friday December 5, 2014.





TSR Committee Chair –Working directly with the TSR Director, this person would be responsible for all aspects of TSR management, represented by the other roles listed below.  As Chair of the TSR Committee, he or she would communicate with the Quebec Council on behalf of the Committee. The ideal candidate will have proven leadership, communication, and management skills, and is resourceful and dedicated to protecting and building TSR. Business experience in management would be an asset.


Finance – This person will assist with preparing the TSR budget and maintaining accurate accounts of the Camp revenue and expenditures.


Fundraising – This person will develop and oversee a fundraising plan for TSR with the goal to increase TSR revenues.


Infrastructure – This person will help ensure that the infrastructure of TSR is safe and suitable for all activities at TSR, and complies with applicable codes and government regulations. As Infrastructure is a major expense for TSR, this person will work closely with those responsible for each of the Committee portfolios, especially Finance and Fundraising.


Marketing – This person will assist with the all aspects of promoting TSR  to Scouts Canada members, to members of Scouting worldwide as and to potential 3rd party clients.


Communications – This person will manage the TSR website and social media pages and will maintain appropriate communication lists for TSR.  This person will work closely with those responsible for each of the Committee portfolios and especially with Marketing.


Risk Management – This person will ensure that all TSR programs are conducted safely while still being adventurous. He or she will coordinate directly with the TSR Director to ensure compliance with Scouts Canada Policies and Procedures, and that general risk management is considered in all TSR operations.


Program – This portfolio will focus on maintaining existing programs and on developing new programs and adventure opportunities which can be offered at TSR.


School Programs – Integral to the general Program portfolio, this person will focus on the identification and promotion of educational programs to educators and similar 3rdparty organizations.  The person responsible for this portfolio will work closely with those responsible for each of the Committee portfolios and especially with the TESC Program portfolio.  The person responsible for this portfolio should be familiar with the education system and be able to contact key decision makers. Having a background in education would be an asset.


Scouts Canada Camp Accreditations– TSR, selected to be a pilot for the Scouts Canada Adventure Centre process, must file an application for this status as well as for accreditation for SCENES (Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and Environment). This person will work closely with those responsible for each of the Committee portfolios to submit these applications in a timely manner to accredit TSR as a SCENES Camp and to establish the TSR Adventure Centre.


Volunteers – This person will work at engaging and recruiting support from the Scouts and Scouters of Quebec Council for the coordination of volunteer-work throughout the year, related to infrastructure and maintenance projects with special emphasis on events such as Work Weekends.


TESC – This person will work with the Tamaracouta Environmental Sciences Centre (TESC) Committee to integrate this important program with all other aspects of TSR operations.


Knights of Tamara – This person will act as a liaison between the Committee and the Knights of Tamara to maintain the support of the Knights to ensure the sustainability of TSR by keeping the Knights informed and engaged with TSR plans, developments and needs.

Tamaracouta Scout Reserve


Summer Promotional Video 2015- Tamaracouta Scout Reserve

Voici la vidéo promotionnel pour la programme d'été (2015) du Réserve scoute Tamaracouta Scout Reserve! S'il vous plait, partagez-la avec tout le monde que vous connaissez! Nous espérons que vous l'apprécierez, merci pour le support!Here is Tamaracouta Scout Reserves official promotional video for their Summer program! Share it with everyone you know! We hope you enjoy it and we appreciate the support!

Posted by Scouts Canada - Conseil du Québec / Quebec Council on Friday, August 28, 2015



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